Checklist For Selecting The Best BIM Software For Your Business

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Building Design and Building Information Management (BIM) is one of the most crucial software required for managing complex projects. It is a 3D model-based process used for getting more insights into the designs created and also for better project planning. BIM software plays an important role across the project lifecycle: right from planning and designing the interiors of the building to the external structure of the building. The software is also beneficial for creating larger structures like bridges and ports. best Building Information Modeling Software ensures that all the data of every part of building construction is in one place. It converts raw data into meaningful analytical data, which becomes very helpful in understanding all the stages of construction clearly across the project lifecycle. Important features of BIM software include architectural modeling, project sharing, cloud presentations, interoperability, and report generation.

Checklist for Selecting the Best BIM Software for your Project 

Open to exchange data: 

Best BIM software should have the ability to exchange data with team members swiftly and easily. This sharing will improve the coordination and efficiency of the project. Below are a few questions that the vendor should be asked before a final decision is made:

  • Is exchange possible in this software? 
  • What formats does it support for exchange? 
  • Does the software support third-party integration? 
  • Does the software enable all team members to work together? 

User-friendly and flexible: 

BIM software is centrally used software—all the parts & dimensions data is updated in it. The process should be user-friendly as a need exists for the collection and management of huge amounts of data. If there are any changes in dimensions during the process of designing or if any design is modified, then the software should be flexible enough to enable users to update the data easily. Below are a few questions the vendor should be asked before a final decision is made:

  • What are software features that can improve efficiency as well as be implemented easily? 
  • Is it possible to update data frequently? 
  • Is it possible to predefine some information that is needed frequently? 
  • Does the entire data or model get updated automatically if there is a small designing change? 

Ability to handle data safely: 

Since the software is meant to be useful for both, smaller and larger projects, it is important for BIM software to have the ability to handle all the data safely and for it to offer the same powerful performance for larger projects as well. Below are a few questions that the vendor should be asked before a final decision is made: 

  • Will the software provide seamless performance for large and complex projects without failing? 
  • What project phases can be covered with this software? 
  • Can this software automatically divide the entire project into small models or can it work on the project overall at a time? 

What is Trending in BIM Software? 

Considering a few aspects like time and cost, below are a few trends going on in BIM software: 

  • 4D, 5D, and 6D BIM software applications for superior functionality 
  • Artificial Intelligence in BIM software for improving development and quality control testing 
  • 3D Printing that helps create accurate elements related with building design quickly 
  • Cloud collaboration will enable users to access BIM data from any location and will also provide real-time data update feature 
  • AR/VR will enable users to examine large 3D models easily and quickly 

BIM software is very helpful for organizations handling complex projects. With its details 3 dimensional views it reduces the instances of errors and ensures that the project is completed in time. So, getting the right BIM software as per the organizations requirements is very important. With above checklist it becomes very easy to select the right vendor and software.

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