Call Center Software and the Industries using Call Center Software

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A call center is a centralized office used for receiving or communicating a large number of information enquiries by telephone. An inbound call center can operate incoming product or service support or enquiries from consumers. Outbound call centers are operated for telemarketing, market research, debt collection, emergency notifications, etc. The call center software handles individual communications, such as letters, faxes, live support software, social media, instant message, and e-mail. It is a central point from which all customer contacts are managed. It is a part of a company’s customer relationship management infrastructure.

Top Vendors of Call Center Software includes –

1 Zoho Desk – Zoho Desk is the best solution for IT support teams to effectively manage customer communication over phone, email, live chat, SMS text, social media and other channels. It is a help desk solution suitable for both small and midsize businesses.

2 CloudTalk – ClouldTalk is an innovative call center software that provides a telephonic interface to small and medium size companies. The software provides an advanced quality of communication with a variety of unique tools to their wide base of clients.

3 Agile CRM – Agile CRM is a cloud CRM software which is used for integrating marketing, services, sales, social media, and other essential avenues. Agile CRM is a single-stop hub for customer reports, marketing, and analytics to help to improve the company’s overall performance.

4 Zendesk – Zendesk is an all-round call-center software solution for businesses of every size. Zendesk’s help desk allows automatic ticket creation to help the customers across every channel. Zendesk’s call center tool helps the companies to lower its costs, raise productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

5 JustCall – JustCall is a cloud-based calling software that helps companies to manage calls via web service or mobile app. JustCall phone system is useful for sales and support teams to make, receive, log or record calls directly from desktop or phone.

6 CallHippo – CallHippo is a famous call center management software that provides attractive features and applications in affordable and reasonable pricing models. Its key features include better customer management, AI-generated statistics, employee progress tracking, etc.

7 Servetel – Servetel is a cloud telephony solution that provides business communication services such as toll-free number, virtual phone number, number masking, voice broadcasting, IVR system, OTP verification and many other services to simplify and organize their complete communications.

Other vendors of Call Center Software are CloudCall, GoAutoDial, LANtelligence, Zailab, OXON Tech, i2x, Xarios, i800, Agaralabs, Imagicle, Kunnect, Diabolocom, Voxtron, Codelogic, CALLDESK, Loway, PlayVox, AMC Technology, Talkie, Conecteo, Dialer360 and Connex One.

Industries Using Call Center Software

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has been using contact center software in order to focus both on company’s internal processes and on customer communication. The call center agents frequently need to manage the inbound as well as outbound calls. With call center software, they can sell the services and offer customer support at an extended level to their clients.

The healthcare industry also uses call center technology to provide premier customer services and personalized care to their patients. The software provides multiple communication channels to their healthcare professionals for all the inquiries including insurance claims, outbound as well as inbound calls, appointment notifications, billing details, application information, etc.

Banking and financial services offers great customer support through advanced call center software for all its banking transactions. The bank uses the call center software for online transaction of amount transfer, management and maintenance of loan offerings, policy inquiries for various taxes, government rules and updates, etc.

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