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CARINA is a fully featured automation testing softwareprovides end-to-end solutions designed for Macintosh. It is a Java-based test automation framework that unites all testing layers including mobile applications (web, native, and hybrid), web applications, REST services and databases.Carina is established on top of the most popular open-source solutions like Selenium, Appium, TestNG allowing to reduce dependence on the specific technology stack. It supports all popular browsers such as IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefoxand mobile devices – iOS and Android. CARINA helps to reuse test automation code between IOS and Android up to 70-80%.

CARINA Features

  • It is fully integrated into QPS-Infrathat helps to setup a production-ready environment for running Mobile, Web and API tests.
  • CARINA Framework offers online Automation Testing system thatsupports different types of databasesboth relational and non-relational (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL).
  • CARINA Automation testing software provides requirements-based testing, test script reviews, unicode compliance, supports parallel execution, security testing at one place.
  • CARINA is a cross-platform testing framework that support to testing on different browsers, different operating systems or cloud based systems.The tests can be easily executed both on Unix or Windows OS.
  • CARINA includes training via live online, and in person sessions and supportsbusiness hours. It offers a free version and free trial.The CARINA product includes SaaS, Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad software.
  • CARINA testing software code is available on GitHub and it can startinstalling with a one-click. Itssame test scripts can be used for testing on different platforms.
  • CARINA allowsextensive documentation and training material thatallow users get hands-on very quickly.
  • CARINA frameworkenables great flexibility in producing REST requests and responses are dynamically changed by incoming arguments.

Automated Testing Software

Automation Testing is the process ofusing automation tools, scripts, and software to executetest cases by repeating pre-defined actions. It is automation process of a manual process that helps to replace manual human activity with systems or devices to enhance efficiency and it allows to execute repetitive task without the intervention of manual tester. The testing technique allows the testerto write scripts by ownand use suitable software or automation tools to test the software. This technique tests and compare the actual outcome with the expected outcome. It puts the ownership responsibilities in the hands of the engineering team.

Other leading vendors of Automated Testing Software include – Autify, XEBIALABS, Ranorex, Worksoft, Endtest, Ubertesters, Devexpress, Quality First Software, PreFlight, Tryon Solutions, Solution-Soft, Softomotive, Virtuoso, Softlogica, Witbe, Neotys, Thoughtworks, Browserstack, Testpad, Cyara, Testsigma, Katalon, RadView Software, and Entegration Software.

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