Assa Abloy: A Comprehensive Access Control Systems

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Access Control Systems is a software that enables organizations to maintain advanced security on-premises. It is modular and customizable as per the requirements of an organization. The system can be handled easily and can offer multi-level security wherever needed. Organizations can select the access control system based on the criticality of data that they are dealing with.

Assa Abloy Access Control System 

Assa Abloy is a leading provider of digital and mobile security solutions for commercial and residential customers. The company’s wide product range of access control systems provides it with a competitive advantage over other players. It focuses on market presence, product leadership, and cost-efficiency to grow in the market. ASSA ABLOY Access Control enables organizations to control access for securing areas right from physical, logical, electronic, as well as other premises with online, offline, and wireless solutions.

The company intends to grow organically through product innovation and development, and by broadening its product portfolio. It had developed the Aperio technology to complement its electronic access control systems by providing access to an unlimited number of existing or new doors. The technology shift to digital and mobile solutions with increased software content is a driving factor for the company’s growing sales in the access control market. The company’s key subsidiaries include Timelox AB (Sweden), Pan Door Co., Ltd. (China), Interlock Holding AG (Germany), HID Global Switzerland S.A. (Switzerland), Fleming Door Products, Ltd. (Canada), Grupo Industrial Phillips, S.A de C.V (Mexico), Dynaco US Inc. (US), Assa Abloy Mobile Services AB (Sweden), and Activ Identity Europe S.A. (France). 

Assa Abloy Products 

Assa Abloy product base comprises an electronic access control system, identity and access management tools, biometric systems, and mobile access control software. 

Electronic Access Control System- The electronic access control system offered by the company ensures that there is an advanced level of security offered for any door opening. This security varies from mechanical keys to intelligent locks. Request Assa Abloy Access Control Pricing to get more information.

Identity and Access Management Tools- The identity and access management tools offered by the organization secures the identity of the people and ensures that only authorized visitors enter the secured premises. 

Biometric Systems- The biometric system saves the biometric credential of people and provides security while entering or exiting any premise by confirming visitors’ identity. 

Mobile access control- Assa Abloy’s mobile access control enables users to manage security with android or iOS smartphone applications. It enables users to unlock the door from a pre-defined distance through the phone. 

Assa Abloy Door Hardware 

Assa Abloy offers a comprehensive product range for door hardware. Its product offering includes door interiors as well as various types of cabinets and locks. Few of them are mentioned below: 

Automatic Sliding & Revolving Doors- The company offers automatic as well as residential and garage doors for all kinds of applications. 

Cabinet Locks- Server cabinets, as well as lockers, are offered by the company based on needs. 

Key Systems and Locks & Exit Devices- The company offers mechanical keys to protect the premises. It also provides reliable locks and exit devices that come with advanced mechanical systems. 

Assa Abloy Electronic Locks 

Assa Abloy offers a variety of electronic locks such as mechanical locks, stand-alone locks, intelligent keys, data-on-card, intelligent WiFi, real-time wireless locks, wired locks, and intelligent opening. 

It also offers wireless locks as well as Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions. With the use of electronic access control offered by Assa Abloy, organizations can effectively secure their premises and keep track of the visitors in a secured building, room, or cabinet.  

Recent Developments in Assa Abloy 

In February 2020, Assa Abloy acquired Biosite, a leading provider of Biometric access control to the construction industry in the UK. With this acquisition, the company improved its current offerings in access control. 

In November 2019, Assa Abloy acquired AM Group, an automation company based in Australia. With this acquisition, Assa Abloy added one complimentary solution with innovative entrance automation in its solution offerings. 

In October 2019, Assa Abloy acquired LUX-IDent, a leading provider of RFID components in the Czech Republic. This acquisition enhanced company’s smart components offerings and provided various growth opportunities. 

In September 2019, Assa Abloy acquired Placard, a secure card manufacturer based in Australia. This acquisition enhanced the company’s current secure card offerings. 

In September 2019, Assa Abloy acquired LifeSafety Power, a provider of integrated access control solutions in the US. This acquisition helped the company enter the access control market. 

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