ArcGIS Online vs. Mapbox – Determine The Best GIS Mapping Software

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Geographic information system (GIS) software allows users to capture, record, manipulate, analyze, manage, and display spatial or geographic data on a map. This software can be used to generate interactive queries, analyze spatial information, edit data on maps, and present the results of these operations on desktop, mobile, tablets, and other compatible devices. GIS software generates a huge amount of data, combining different layers of information to manage and recover the data in a more helpful manner for almost every industry. It is an electronic information system that evaluates, integrates, and displays information based on geographic locations.

GIS software offers a visual representation of geographic analysis on maps. Geospatial technology is used to acquire, manipulate, and store geographic information.

ArcGIS Online vs. Mapbox at a Glance


ArcGIS Online


Features & Functionality
ArcGIS Online maps are available to a large audience and include multiscale basemaps, operational layers targeted to a specific audience.
Mapbox Studio is a comprehensive design ecosystem that allowsusers to create, manage, and export maps and custom data. It is a visual interface for designing custom maps that permits you to control every design, together with uploading and creating custom data.

Features & Functionality

3D ImageryCensus Data IntegrationColor CodingGeocodingImage ExportingImage ManagementInternet MappingInteroperabilityLabelingMap CreationMap SharingSpatial Analysis
3D ImageryCensus Data IntegrationColor CodingGeocodingImage ExportingImage ManagementInternet MappingInteroperabilityLabelingMap CreationMap SharingSpatial Analysis

Customer Support

 "Great! Provides professional customer support and functionality."   "I found its online support quite reliable. It has many statistical toolsin-built to allow for data analysis and mapping."

No reviews

Platforms Supported

 AndroidiOSMac WindowsCloud installed

AndroidiOSMac WindowsCloud installed

Best For

Web-based and on-premise GIS Software that is suitable for businesses of all sizes with workflow automation, workforce routing, data management, geocoding, spatial mapping, collaboration, and remote sensing.

Mapbox is one of the best choices for services that need maps and basic geo-functionality in-production.As compared to Google Maps, it provides more refined and advanced productions and has very good support on different platforms.

Pricing options

SubscriptionOne-time PurchaseRequest a Quote

SubscriptionRequest a Quote

Overall Summary

ArcGIS Online

  • ArcGIS for Enterprise is a multi-user, multi-versioned geodatabase access through a host of apps and web tools that helps people stay connected to data.
  • Cartography has fantastic control and customization options available, as well as the ability to automate workflows.
  • The company offers many training videos, seminars, and other learning materials that can be accessed easily. The help documentation providedis simply superb.
  • For users who need an advanced solution with robust geospatial features, ArcGIS Online is one of the most complete mapping and data analysis software in the market.


  • Documentation with Mapbox is fresh, easy to read, and very well ordered, which makes it easy to get going or learn something new
  • Mapbox online user interface enablesusers to edit maps very easily and quickly, upload new datasets, view analytics, or get API keys
  • The software can be integrated with Tableau and is easy to develop for Android, iOS, or Web

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