Apptivo: A Comprehensive Project & Task Management Tool

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Apptivo is a project management tool that can help managers keep track of their projects more effectively. Apptivo offer collaboration services to business of all size and is known for their CRM, project management, communication and invoicing tools. It uses high end technology and customizable options to keep their product and services up to date with current management processes and needs.

Some of the many benefits of Apptivo for project management tool are:

  1. Task ManagementApptivo uses an interface that enables users to create Gantt charts that showcase the progress and keep track of various projects. Users can also customize their views of charts as per their needs and requirements. It helps users identify interdependences in projects so that the user has a bird’s eye view of all projects in the pipeline.
  2. Timesheet Tracking – Timesheet tracking allows users to monitor the time spent on an activity and estimate the completion rate of the project. It also monitors billable tasks on any client requests and time spent on those tasks. It acts as a workflow tools for managers to approve and assign tasks for quick turnarounds.
  3. Project Management – The tool allows users to create and track multiple projects at a time with different scopes. It offers customizations options to help users to monitor their progress on tasks as per their convenience. It also generates invoices from the project screen based on inputs provided. This saves time for manager as they do not need to create separate invoicing for different projects. It provides a details breakdown of projects and large projects can be broken down into sub tasks. It offers a unique news feed feature that allows users to keep track of updates and progress at a glance.
  4. Interface Management – Apptivo allows users to change the preferences on the interface to add and remove fields as per requirements to ensure a clear and neat interface. It also enables sharing options so managers can share the progress reports with other members of the team as well. Users can control the application by enabling access control so only key stakeholders can change or view data. It also allows users to create custom views of their data or progress for clarity and efficiency in management.
  5. Project Billing – Apptivo allows uses to charge their customer using various billing methods such as flat rate, output based, project completion, milestone etc. Since billing is auto generated it becomes easier for users to manage with affordable Apptivo pricing.

Project management software is a software which is used for various purposes in a project, such as planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and change management. It allows project managers, stakeholders, and users to control costs and manage budgeting, quality management, and documentation and can also be used as an administration system. It is an online system for collaborating and working on tasks in organizations. These online systems provide real time information to the managers and make the performance of tasks easy. In addition, they allow organizations to allocate specific resource for specific tasks. Correct allocation can reduce operational cost and overall risk associated with tasks being performed.

Other project management software tools include ACE Software, Allegra, Apptivo, Breeze, ClickUP, COR, Doodle, Duet, Easy Projects, Float, Flow, Forecast, Freedcamp, Husky, Linkd, Microsoft Corporation, Nifty, Open Projects, Oracle Corporation, ProofHub, Redmine, SAP SE, Squish, Swit and Thrive.

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