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Voxxi app design software is an enterprise social network platform on simple use and user-friendly interface with drag and drop application builder to build an online application tools. Voxxi assists companies to connect with the applicants, allows to create external networks and also allows non-employees such as suppliers and customers, to communicate with internal employees. Voxxi enables you to organize your work in your way with free editable templates and even the user does not require any prior knowledge of coding before using Voxxi. It helps the organization for creation of flexible workflow for remote working teams, create flexible templates and workflows to monitor your business efficiently.

Voxxi Features

  • With Voxxi, you can easily create applications and customize them as per your requirements. The structured conversations, tasks and processes in one tool brings focus and clarity in the business.
  • Voxxi app design software can create your own personalized dashboard and helps to automate workflows to remove manual processing of repetitive tasks.
  • Voxxi application platform allows the internal and external users to interact and communicate in real time on a social platform.
  • Voxxi makes processes, systems and workflows simple by reducing emails and keeping all attachments and conversations in context with the task at hand.
  • Voxxi app design software includes various collaboration features such as file sharing, messaging, forums and others. Request Voxxi Pricing to get more information.
  • With Voxxi’s drag n drop application, anyone can build custom applications to suit their needs, change the order of the fields in their applications and to do this with each and every individual application without affecting the structure and workflow of other applications.

App Design Software

App Design platform is an application software that helps to the app development process and provides the functionalities including IDE, code-free developments, templates, API, Data synchronization, and Analytics. The software helps to speed up the process of creating mobile and web apps by eliminating the need for coding. An app development platform is a whole suite of interrelated tools for creating apps and it covers all the development phases such as design, coding, backend integrations, usability or bug testing, delivery and post-deployment analytics. The mobile app development platform can support to the delivery of app upgrades and paid licensing models for apps. The best app design for your business should be well-featured and user-friendly.

Other vendors of App Design Software include – UXPin Inc, Mapbox, Open As App, APP PRESS, GoodBarber, Pastel, Invision, Sapho, Marvel Prototyping, INFRAGISTICS, Bohemian, Shoutem, Sysdev, Rightware Oy, Boost Marketing, Bubble Group, Indigo Rose Software, Retool, Ibuildapp, Aruba Networks and Appsbar Inc.


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