Agility: Most Preferred CMMS Software in the industry

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Agility is an end-to-end CMMS software that is easy-to-use. This advanced asset management system is built to provide valuable insights into the data of any organization. It enables users to manage machines and people with ease. Its high customizability allows it to serve numerous industries, including retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. Agility CMMS enables the allocation of personnel and resources to operations based on skill, availability, workload, and other relevant factors.

The salient features of Agility CMMS Software are outlined below.

  1. Mobile Interface Management: Agility notifies businesses of critical situations in real time. Its mobile interface management feature sends alerts directly to the mobile devices of relevant personnel. This helps businesses amplify efficiency and enhance performance.
  2. Data Interoperability: With Agility, connecting different data systems is easy. Users can integrate the system into preexisting business platforms and establish coherent bidirectional data flows that can incorporate future combinations as needed.
  3. Workflow Management: Agility CMMS enhances the management of automated workflows. It understands operational requirements with ease and works to implement the most relevant real-time fix for any issue.
  4. Business Intelligence: A key feature of Agility is Business Intelligence, which automatically anticipates change and helps users avoid unnecessary risks. This feature stimulates continuous efficiency and helps enhance the profitability of any business.
  5. Agility Pricing: The pricing information for Agility is provided by the software vendor. Negotiations for the purchase of Agility must be conducted with an authorized dealer. For pricing details, users need to reach out to the company using the contact information available on the official website. Agility offers Starter, Premium, and Enterprise plans to cater to the CMMS needs of different users.
  6. Agility Demo: Agility does not offer users a demo version or a free trial. Further details on this can be found on the company website. Demo videos may be available on online communities for CMMS software users.

What is CMMS Software?

CMMS stands for computerized maintenance management systems. These solutions are used by manufacturers and other organizations that need to manage equipment and other assets. CMMS also has applications for service providers. Assets are an important and often expensive investment for any business, and CMMS solutions help optimize asset use and productivity. This software covers all stages of the lifecycle of an asset, from acquisition all the way to disposal. Technicians rely on CMMS to keep assets in optimum conditions, and management teams use it to make informed decisions regarding the improvement of asset utilization.

Leading CMMS Software include Agility, Amethyst, Coherent, ePAC, Fidelity, Fixit, Hector, MP, Oz., PMC, UpKeep, Asset Essentials, AssetNet, Azolla, Easy Preventive Maintenance, eMaint CMMS, eWorkOrders CMMS, Fiix, Hippo CMMS, ISS 24/7 CMMS, Limble CMMS, MaintainX, Maintenance Connection, MicroMain CMMS, MVP Plant, Oracle Maintenance Cloud, ServiceChannel, WebCheckout, and WebTMA Solutions.

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