5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Encryption Software Right Now

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Encryption of data can be a wise choice for companies that regularly transfer huge amounts of data and want to be sure that they keep the data safe from possible data loss. Data theft is a major issue for companies of all sizes, while several smaller companies assume that it is an issue that only affects bigger companies. There are many advantages that encryption software can offer, and some of these benefits have been listed below.

Encryption Software Benefits

Total Data Protection

Comprehensive encryption software helps businesses in protecting data at rest as well as in transit. While other security solutions can make it increasingly problematic to retrieve the data from the outside, when the network is broken, the data is only as secure as the data encryption deployed by the company. With the best encryption software, businesses can ensure that the data is secure and that there is no likely way in which hackers could possibly get past the encryption. Though there are other ways through which data could be accessed, encryption generally helps make this breach too tough for hackers that might normally be interested in targeting a business.

Protection Across Several Devices

With mobile devices growing in demand since the last few years, numerous businesses have been facing challenges finding an encryption solution that would keep the data stored and transmitted through these devices protected from likely theft. Data encryption software helps businesses to ensure that all the data, across any device, is totally encrypted with the same defenses in place that would be used to protect the data stored on a computer.

Transfer Data Securely

One of the most susceptible characteristics of data arises during the transfer process. While SSL or TLS is the industry normal for data in motion, it still has several drawbacks when it comes to data security. A strong encryption solution helps users to confirm that data is safe at all times and at rest as well during the transfer. Files that are common or stored in cloud systems should be ensured that they continue to be protected and safe even during the transport process.


One of the uncertainties that many companies of all sizes face is whether or not the encryption solution will disturb the reliability of their data. Though data stealing is a very common issue, an alternative way for hackers to steal data is to purposely change the data that is accessible. Encryption keeps the data safe from modifications, and receivers of the data will know if it has been interfered with. Modification of data is something that several businesses often ignore when looking into many ways to keep their data protected.


Compliance is very important, and all the IT divisions must obey the legal, insurance, and industry limitations on how data can be managed and transferred. Encryption offers one of the best ways for a company to transfer and store data and obey limitations that the business now has in a place like FIPS, FISMA, HIPAA, etc. Basic data defense is unconditionally vital for the business.

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