2D vs 3D Animation – Why is 3D Better?

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Animation Software is one of the most trending software in the market when it comes to creativity. The software is widely used in making films, animated ads, and many more such applications where there is a need to catch the attention of the audience and retain it. The software provides the computerized version of the equipment used in the earlier days required for the creation of animated characters or videos. With this software, animators are able to design characters and make complete videos. Best Animation software has characteristics such as aspect ratio, developing keyframe, character design, walk cycle, character sheets, and squash & stretch.

There are different types of animation software based on industry needs. These types are 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion, claymation, cell animation, and motion graphics. Of all these types, 2D animation and 3D animation techniques are more widely used. 2D animation and 3D animation have various similar features like both the techniques enable users in creating graphics with the same equipment. They insert the frames among vital frames and have a particular time period for adding anything and reviewing the work done. However, there are some differences as well between the 2D and 3D animation techniques. In this article, we will learn more about these differences. 

What is the 2D animation technique? 

2D animation is a simple-to-understand technique. It uses two-dimensional views for displaying characters. The best example is that of a simple square drawn on paper. There are just two dimensions here, one is its height and the other is its width. The object drawn in 2D is flat in appearance and does not seem to be very realistic. With the use of a computer, 2D dimension draws the characters with the help of defined angles and perspectives. The usual technique of frame by frame animation is used in 2D drawing. Morphing is also used in the 2D technique for creating various effects in images.  

The major advantages of 2D animation are that it is easy to understand, cost-effective, enables creating characters, and the designer has the freedom to design characters based on his imagination. There are a few disadvantages associated with 2D animation such as 2D animation cannot bring about a realistic appearance in graphics, it completely depends on creativity and does not have a high demand in the market. 

What is the 3D animation technique? 

3D animation, as the name states, uses the 3-dimensional technique. Along with height and width, it adds depth while displaying images. The best example here would be a cube. 3D images are usually computerized images so do not require animators having exceptional drawing skills. This animation is designed by sequencing the key frames and uses these essential steps, namely, modeling, layout & animation, and rendering. 

The major advantages of 3D animation are superior visualization, realistic images, and reuse of 3D images. It also has a few disadvantages, namely, high production cost, limits in creativity, time consuming in terms of understanding and mastering the technique. 

Differentiation between the 2D and 3D animation techniques 

Visual difference is visible from the above image. Let us look at a few significant and realistic points of differentiation between 2D and 3D animation techniques. 

2D Animation Technique 3D Animation Technique 
An object is in 2-dimensional view An object is in 3-dimensional view
With 2D animation, there is need to draw an image using the traditional method and at a later stage the software performs task of sequencing those images into motion. With 3D animation, the software does everything. It uses various phases for creating the realistic motion of the characters. 
2-dimensional images have only two parameters, which are the height and width of the object, which gives it a flat appearance. 3-dimensional images have three parameters, which are height, width, and depth of the object, which gives it a realistic appearance. 
It is cost-effective but needs highly skilled animators who can draw and sketch outstandingly. The cost of 3D animation completely depends on rendering. It is costlier as compared to 2D animation and requires skilled animators to manage the software. 
It works completely on a frame by frame mode. It depends on movements and creates motions based on it. 
The major applications of 2D animation technique are in ads, films, cartoons, educational courses, etc. The major applications of the 3D animation technique are in video games, movies, medical, aerospace industry, etc. 

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