Fleet Management Solutions

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Fleet management software solutions include the management of commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, specialist vehicles (such as construction machinery), forklifts, and trailers; private vehicles used for work purposes; aviation machinery such as planes and helicopters; and ships and rail cars.

Vehicle management includes vehicle leasing & financing, licensing & compliance, vehicle maintenance, supply chain management, vehicle telematics (tracking & diagnostics), accident management & subrogation, driver management, fuel management, speed management, vehicle remarketing, and health & safety management.

Best Fleet management software helps companies that rely on transportation to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment while improving efficiency and productivity and cutting down overall transportation and staff costs as well as providing 100 percent compliance with government legislation. These functions can be carried out by either an in-house fleet management department or an outsourced fleet management provider.

Fleet management software
Fleet management

Fleet management optimizes vehicle performance, planning of routes, and fleet operations. These solutions are capable of mapping all vehicles on enterprise maps. The platform can be easily accessed from anywhere around the globe and is designed with a responsive tracking portal that is accessible using any hardware. Fleet management solutions can be accessed through a web portal as well as through specialized mobile apps that enable users to track vehicles anytime and anywhere.

Fleet data management deals with fuel transaction data, maintenance & repair data, individual vehicle documents (vehicle registrations, titles, and travel permits); supply chain data, vehicle & equipment specifications, warranties, builds, delivery data, vehicle identifying data, and driver-centric data such as acceptance of fleet policies, demographic data according to job type, and completion of required safety training.

Fleet management solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Vehicle maintenance alerts at regular intervals
  • Real-time speed and location tracking for timely deliveries
  • Driver identification systems and customized route settings for drivers
  • Alerts through email and SMS on delays in delivery

Vehicle tracking systems are an important part of any fleet management system. These systems can be GPS-based, GLONASS-based, or based on a cellular triangulation platform. Tracking systems provide information about engine diagnostics, driving behavior, and geolocation. Vehicle location, direction, and speed are also checked by these systems, and this information is transmitted to the fleet management database through terrestrial and satellite communication.


Fleet management software performs a series of specific tasks such as recording driver and vehicle details, tracking of procurement costs, programming of maintenance and servicing tasks, import of fuel transactions, and evaluating fleet performance via reports and charts. With these numerous cutting-edge features, fleet management solutions help travel and transport enterprises to boost productivity while minimizing risk and cost.

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