Benefits of Network Traffic Analysis Solutions

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Network traffic analysis software solutions help optimize network availability, performance, and security. These solutions are used by IT teams across industries to monitor enterprise network traffic. Business networks are notorious for slowing down as they get busier, and the recent increase in the use of video, cloud servers, VOIP, and other digital solutions has led to tremendous pressure on the IT infrastructure of businesses. Companies deploy network traffic analysis software to help combat stress on their networks.

Network traffic analysis solutions monitor the inflow and outflow of IP-based network traffic and collect critical data in order to help IT personnel keep track of the source and destination of traffic and reasons for congestion. IT teams may monitor network traffic of the organization for various IT operational and security use cases: this traffic helps locate security vulnerabilities and troubleshoot network issues. Analysis solutions also help gauge the effects of a new application on the overall enterprise network.

Network Traffic Analysis Software
Network Traffic Analysis

Not all network traffic monitoring tools are built equal—normally, these solutions are of two broad types: deep packet inspection and flow-based. A majority of these solutions store historical data and feature intrusion detection systems that monitor network traffic at the edge. Not all network traffic analysis solutions need software agents to operate effectively.

Below are a few key benefits of network traffic analysis solutions.

Helps Monitor Internal Networks

Network analysis solutions that feature flow monitoring and support multiple protocols—such as Cisco—provide end-to-end visibility into the network traffic of an enterprise. IT departments can use these solutions to generate reports with actionable insights regarding the following types of traffic:

  • Traffic for top applications
  • Traffic destinations with host IP
  • Top traffic sources with IP address
  • Traffic for top conversations
  • IP to IP traffic
  • Top traffic receivers with IP
  • Port traffic
  • Protocol traffic
  • Application traffic

Helps Identify Resource-intensive Applications

Speed and performance play a critical role in optimizing user experience. IT helpdesks across organizations commonly receive complaints about applications slowing down or crashing. There are numerous causes for this but pinpointing the specific cause at a particular time can be a tedious and costly task. Next-generation network traffic analysis solutions like NETSCOUT filter through possible causes and find the most likely one within a short span of time. These solutions combine internal and external information to help system administrators delve deep into the cause of faults in the network.

Helps Deal With Cyber Threats

Typically, a compromised network exhibits an unusual data flow pattern that can easily be detected by using network traffic analysis solutions such as NetFlow. Often, such patterns can only be detected by using these solutions, as they are designed to trick human administrators into believing everything is normal. Cyberattacks can be deadly for the finances and reputation of an organization, and network traffic analysis solutions can help prevent or counter such attacks.

Helps Detect Outflow of Sensitive Information

Industries such as BFSI and healthcare deal with sensitive information on a daily basis. Usually, the robust information gateways used by these industries do not allow personal data to escape the system through unauthorized routes. In the event of an anomaly that leads to such information flowing out, network traffic analysis software such as SolarWinds report it instantly to enable remedial measures.

Helps Analyze Bandwidth Usage

With network traffic analysis solutions like Flowmon, companies can keep track of overall network usage and segment it according to department, team, and employee. These solutions can also track devices and IPs that are using abnormal levels of network bandwidth.


Network traffic analysis solutions help companies streamline network processes and troubleshoot any shortcomings in network operations. These solutions ensure smooth continuance of daily workflows while preventing cyber threats from taking root in the business network.

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